My name is Rochelle.

I am a 30 year old “single” mother of 3 children, soon to be 4. I still struggle with the single part because it was never agreed to which makes this weird. I am a 3L and in my final semester of law school. Hopefully one day I will be an attorney.

This blog is conflicting. My husband knew I wanted to write, he enjoyed writing too. I always preferred writing about tough subjects (ironic, I know) and he enjoyed more creative writing. I wish he could see that I am actually going through with it. He would be very proud of me, but I am struggling that the content ended up being this. My desire to tell him everything that has occurred since his passing is too much to put into words.

Prior to this tragedy, I enjoyed family outings, yoga, drawing, writing, organizing, traveling, and reading. Since this, I am not really sure what I enjoy but I hope that I can find myself again.

• • •