Collection of Thoughts.

Winning At Grief.

When people think of a personality disorder I think they think of a moody woman that isn’t stable. That’s what I thought anyway. That’s only a small portion of them though. A personality disorder is really just an observation that the person isn’t “meeting societal norms.” They are different, literally. Sometimes this amounts to good […]

Law School Begins. Again.

When Jesse died during the end of December 2020 I was taking a two hour credit course during the “break,” about legal writing. That day I turned in my assignment with anxiety over it and planned to tell Jesse about it later that night. I didn’t get a chance to though. I told my school […]

Christmas in July.

The 7 month mark for us is July. I can’t believe I haven’t spoken to Jesse since before Christmas. I can’t believe he’s been somewhere else or no where else for more than half of a year. What has he been doing? Where is he? I am still hurting but my feelings are in different […]

That Was Fast.

I have a boyfriend. Weird right? That wasn’t in my game plan, but neither was Jesse getting internally decapitated. Apparently, I don’t have as much control over my life as I used to think. I didn’t intend on seeing anyone, but here I am. Especially after half a year. Widows are given major shit, for […]


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