Collection of Thoughts.

Fuck Father’s Day.

If your child has a nut allergy schools will at minimum make an attempt to shield your child from it. Even if it’s a poor attempt they ultimately wouldn’t want a physical liability on their hands. What about if your child has a dead father? Or maybe their father died when they were very young […]

First Time.

I am giving you a heads up now. This is a blog about grieving and how it impacts aspects of my life. As the title suggest this one is about my first time having sex with someone after Jesse- but remember it’s a grief blog, not a porn site. So I won’t be sharing details […]

Life After Death.

Let me tell you what it’s like to deliver your baby when your husbands dead (hint: it sucks!) It boggles my mind that I am here and about to explain how I felt. That I am the one really living this. My sister-in-law, Kayla, helps me a lot now. She didn’t sign up for that. […]


I feel as though some people struggle to understand why some people don’t get married immediately- if at all. Jesse and I were not legally married. If common law marriage still existed here we likely would be. I am not sure why it was taken away. We held each other out to be the other’s […]


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